Fun and Meaningful Celebrations of New Life with Sarah Bowness

Celebrate Life... Welcome!

Naming days are just about the most wonderful creation since sliced bread in my opinion! They are a fun, lighthearted celebration of welcoming a new life into their community of family and friends without the use of religion. If you're a non-religious parent, you really do need to keep reading!

Sentimental ceremonies

I create relaxed, and sentimental ceremonies which focus on your little one as you bring everyone together to celebrate their arrival and the bright future that lies ahead. Instead of making promises to God, my families make promises directly to their children! Cute right?
I honestly adore naming days, they are full of energy, fun, and intrigue as many people attending have never been to one before. If there's one thing I never tire of hearing after a naming ceremony its, "I didn't know what to expect today, but that was amazing!"

Why choose Sarah?

I am a naturally laid back, easy-going person who has always loved being around kids - I was a childrens entertainer for years (great fun!) So, instead of a stuffy ceremony where parents are desperately trying to encourage their little ones to sit quietly (impossible right?!) I say let them join in! Let them wander and chat and play, it all adds to the buzz and celebration, and let's face it - kids come out with some brilliant things when you least expect them to! One word to describe the atmosphere at my naming! And heaps of it!


I will talk you through absolutely everything about your little one's big day and offer you guidance when you're unsure about anything. I love booking in a zoom call so we can chat freely and throw ideas back and forth until we really get down to what kind of celebration you'd love to create. I am always looking for new and exciting ways to make naming days even more awesome, so bring your creativity and imagination and we'll have a good old natter to create something unforgettable.

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    During the ceremony you can create a keepsake and even sign a bespoke certificate to keep along with a beautifully presented copy of the script. I am always completely transparent with my fee so once we've had a chat I will let you know a price and I always guarantee it includes everything you will need to enjoy an amazing celebration of your little one.

Special family and friendships

I adore watching my families interact with their children, seeing their bond absolutely amazes me and I love to see other family members totally besotted with them too. Its always so special when friends are asked to be godparents, or when grandparents come forward to share advice from their own life experiences. This type of ceremony really does emphasize the importance of family and friendship.