Wedding ceremonies perfect for fun-loving couples with Sarah Bowness

What is a Wedding Celebrant

If you've never heard of a wedding celebrant, don't worry! We're the wedding industry's best kept secret...But now it's time to take the industry by storm! At a time where couples want to get more for their money and are looking for the freedom of choice, celebrants are finally dominating the wedding scene.The most exciting thing about a celebrant wedding is, it can look as close to or as far from a traditional wedding as you want. You can still walk down the aisle, exchange vows and rings, you can even sign a certificate, it will be completely tailored around you.

So, what's the catch? Well, most people don't realise its the paperwork that makes your marriage legal, not the ceremony! So all you have to do is sign your marriage certificate separately and you free yourself up to a world of choice!

What I do

Ceremonies I specialise in creating wedding ceremonies in a fun, relaxed, and lighthearted style which celebrate everything about you as a couple!

I love to tell the story of every couple I help, and absolutely love watching them and their guests completely relax into the ceremony. The atmosphere is always so chilled but still has heaps of sentiment and romance without any of the overly formal shenanigans that all of my couples want to avoid!

Say goodbye to boring and generic, and hello to memorable and bespoke!

Why choose Sarah?

I love putting couples and their guests at ease so they can get straight down to enjoying being in the moment. I am always described as being down to earth and friendly, which are very similar traits to my couples. Why not add something a little different to your ceremony such as a handfasting or sand blessing? A beautifully visual and sentimental moment which will intrigue your guests, result in gorgeous photos, and leave you with a special keepsake - what's not to love?

Weddings One thing I can always guarantee with the packages I offer is complete transparency when it comes to pricing.

Each ceremony is slightly different, so I do send quotes based on my couples' needs and expectations, but this is just to give you an idea of what I include in my fee:

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    Unlimited communication in the lead up to your big day, whether you prefer email, phone, text etc, I've got you covered and will be there to reassure you with all of your ceremony questions

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    A bespoke ceremony script written around the two of you

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    I will attend your wedding and perform your ceremony

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    You can add in a personalised certificate to sign on the day

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    A beautiful keepsake which you will create during your ceremony such as a sand blessing jar or a handfasting braid

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    A presentation copy of your script in a beautiful keepsake folder

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    My expertise in celebrant ceremonies and someone who can think on their feet if last minute problems arise * The confidence to relax into your ceremony and enjoy being in the moment

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    I'm always happy to include your children should you wish to

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    Vow writing service both writing them and suggestions to write your own

Making your day magical!

All of my previous couples comment on the thought I put into the little details, whether that be me slipping a silver sixpence to the bride just before she walks down the aisle, printed poems handed to the reader on matching paper so it coordinates with your keepsake folder, or colour matching ribbons handtied into handfasting braids. Honestly, nothing is too much trouble for my couples, and I will always go above and beyond if it makes their day that little bit more magical!

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